JUG 303 Horse Stall Waterer

JUG 303 Horse Stall Waterer

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JUG 303 Fountain Diagram JUG 303 Horse Stall Waterer- lid removed
JUG 303 Horse Stall Waterer - base JUG 303 Horse Stall Waterer - lid
JUG 303 Horses Stall Waterer - base with hole for riser tube installation  

The JUG's unique design allows horses to see and smell clean water. They don't have to learn to lift flaps or push balls and floats out of the way; they just use their natural sucking method to drink from the open hole. To show the animals where the water is located, an external adjusting screw is used to raise the level of the water in the drinking bowl After they locate the water source the level is re-adjusted to the normal drinking level. Easy for you and your animals.

The JUG is the first waterer to be three-sided. The 90 degree corner mounting design gives a snug fit into the stall and leaves only a smooth, rounded surface exposed to the pen keeping animals safer.

The wall mounted 393 JUG is perfect for existing barns or new installations. The water line is typically run underground and up through the 303 Riser Tube. Custom mounting options for special situations are also available. In years of field testing, the JUG continuously supplied clean water. Like all models of the JUG, the 303 has the unique, patented Draw Tube Feed Trap which keeps debris from falling into the reservoir. This means clean water without continual maintenance. For seasonal maintenance, an external expansion drain plug makes cleaning simple.


  • Open bowl design
  • Three-sided custom fit for stall or paddock
  • Sledge hammer tough, rotationally molded plastic construction
  • Bite guard of 18-gauge stainless steel prevents damage from cribbing
  • Draw tube for natural drinking action
  • Draw tube trap prevents debris from falling into the tank reservoir
  • External adjustment screw for water level adjustment
  • External expansion drain plug for easy draining and cleaning
  • Strong polyethylene body with thick urethane foam for super insulation
  • Energy-efficient models fro cold climates
  • Energy-free models for warmer climates


  • Clean, clean water
  • No lids, flaps disks or balls for the animal to move
  • Horses drink naturally and adapt quickly
  • Feed trap design keeps feed debris out of the water reservoir
  • Low energy use