GALLAGHER B700 Solar Energizer

Gallagher B700 Solar Energizer

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Product Information
  • Powered by 12-volt battery
  • 7 Joules of stored energy (approximately)
  • Powers up to 200 acres (25 miles) of multi-wire permanent fence
  • Easy to use 3-stage switch to change energizer operating functions:
    • OFF
    • Half Power
    • Full Power
  • Four battery save modes to extend the life of your battery (unit is pre-set to Night Save - must remove cover to change):
    • Standard - fast pulse during day and night
    • Night Save - PRESET - slower pulse rate during the night to extend battery life
    • Day Save - slower pulse rate during the day to extend battery life
    • Maximum Save - slow pulse during day and night to extend battery life
  • Uses a 12-volt deep cycle rechargeable battery such as marine-type
  • Battery life on a fully charged 100Ah battery:
    • Full Power - 0.8 weeks
    • Night Save - 1.3 weeks
  • When battery voltage drops to approximately 11.5 volts, unit slows to half speed to conserve power and protect battery
  • Includes :
    • Two battery post clamps (instead of alligator clamps)
    • 50 watt solar panel (26.5" x 21" overall dimension)
    • Voltage regulator
    • Brackets for mounting on up to 6" diameter post or lagging onto wood post
  • Battery not included
Gallagher Warranty
All Gallagher power fence energizers carry a 3-year warranty, including lightning damage if lightning protection is used. In addition, each carries a 30-day, money-back, customer satisfaction guarantee.