GALLAGHERTM Livestock Manager TSi 2 (G01901)
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Gallagher Livestock Manager TSi 2 Screen Gallagher Livestock Manager TSi 2 data collection
Gallagher Livestock Manager TSi 2 Pedigree Chart  

The GallagherTM Livestock Manager TSi 2 is an integrated weigh scale, computer and data collection tool that allows for rapid analysis of performance by an individual animal or a group of animals. It is specifically designed for farm life with an all-weather exterior and simple-to-use full-color, outdoor-readable, touch-screen technology. The TSi 2 gives you access to livestock information anywhere, at anytime - whether it's in the yard, in the office, or out on the farm.

  • Select animals by weight for sale or slaughter
  • Evaluate breeding performance for genetic selection with a graphical family tree
  • Maximize the benefits of having animals with electronic ear tags
  • Measure feed conversion to maximize yield by monitoring weight gain over time
  • Monitor animal health
  • Confirm animal weights prior to breeding
  • Determine weaning weights
  • Accurately track the number of animals on hand
  • Easily customize weighing and data recording sessions to automatically collect specific animal ID, traits, activities, notes and life data
  • Animal weighing and data collection system enabling improved livestock management and performance
  • Access individual animal or herd information screens at the touch of a button while in the yard
  • Predict number of animals within a desired weight range at a given date
  • Award-winning software with yard mode and office mode interface
  • Full integration with loadbars, EID readers, automatic drafters and other animal management software, for analysis and reporting purposes
  • Speech function delivers audible animal information for hands free operation
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers
  • Bluetooth, RS232 serial, and USB ports provided as standard
  • Screen measures: 9.7in wide x 7.3in tall (12.2in diagonal)
  • Internal lithium ion battery provides up to 8 hours of continuous use
  • 4 GB memory allows storage capacity for at least 100,000 animals

Included with purchase:

  • TSi 2 unit
  • All-weather carrying case
  • Mounting bracket
  • Animal Performance Systems (APS Yard and APS Office) software for PC:
    • APS Yard is intuitive, simple to use and touch operated for rapid recording and retrieval of information on individual animals or groups of animals
    • APS Office allows comprehensive analysis and reporting of animal information collected previously in yards or on farm, and can be used on either the TSi or Windows PC
  • User manual
  • USB memory stick
  • Internal lithium ion battery
  • Power pack
  • 12-volt battery leads
  • 2-year warranty (parts and labor)