GALLAGHERTM Handheld EID Tag Reader/Data Collector HR4 (G03302)

Gallagher Handheld Electronic Tag Reader HR4


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  • Large easy to read display (indoors & out) clearly shows visual and EID tag numbers to confirm the correct animal's information
  • Collect data using predefined traits
  • Choose multiple traits to record against each animal such as breed, sex, condition score and pregnancy status
  • Make drafting decisions in the yard - predefined sort groups are assigned a color to quickly identify the animal you are looking for
  • View animal history - see past traits, activities and life data previously recorded against that EID number
  • Fast and continuous reading - read multiple tags in quick succession with one trigger click - no need to repeatedly click the trigger between reads
  • Easy immediate tag read feedback with a vibrating handle, loud beeper and super bright LED at end of snout
  • Award winning ergonomic design comfortable for long usage times, reduces risk of trapping hand or arm in animal handlers and simple trigger action for each read
  • Transfer and analyze data to Animal Performance Software (included), for easy data management and uploading
  • Simple connectivity - easily connect via Bluetooth to other devices
  • Cables included for PC connection and charging
  • Compatible with all brands of weigh scales
  • Animal Performance Software (APS) included