OUTBACK® STX GPS Guidance and Mapping System

Outback STX GPS Guidance and Mapping System

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  • Compatible with eDrive XC and eDrive XD
  •  Compatible with eDrive, eDrive TC, eDrive X with proper software loaded (this software version renders terminal incompatible with eDrive XC and eDrive XD)
  • Large 7" color touch screen (with day and night modes plus 10 brightness levels)
  • Coverage Map capable of different field perspectives and zooming in and out
  • Straight (A=B, A+, Pivot Circle) and contour guidance with multiple A=B points and contours allowed in a field
  • WAAS Correction - No annual fees (e-Dif also preloaded)
  • Recording capabilities - Farm ID, Field ID, Operator ID, Machine ID, Crop, Operation, Wind Direction, Wind Speed, Humidity, and Temperature all can be filled in for each job
  • Field area is measured by driving perimeter of any field
  • Mark points on the map by "dropping" flags on the screen
  • Store different tractor and implement profiles
  • 18,000 hours of field operation memory storage
  • 2GB USB thumb drive included to transfer information from the unit to your computer


Computer CPU
Processor: ARM Cortex-A8 @ 800MHz
Storage: 8MB NOR, 2GB NAND, 512 MB DDR3 RAM
Operating System: LINUX
Display Type: 7-inch LCD TFT WVGA (800x480 res)

Type: Aluminum with rubber gaskets
Unit Size: 5.8" h x 8.1" w x 2.2" d
Screen Size: 6" w x 3.6" h
Weight: 2.5 lbs.
Mount: Adjustable 1" RAM ball mount

GPS Sensor
Integrated Eclipse P300 GNSS receiver offering easy scalability from L1 GPS to L1/L2 GNSS
GLONASS ready (unlock required)
OmniSTAR option available (requires factory to install circuit board and unlock code)
RTK correctors through a combination of the Outback MAX rover and any one of Outback's portable or fixed base stations
Update Rate: 1 Hz, 10 Hz optional
Antenna: A50 with magnetic mount
Antenna Cable: RF-Coax, 90 degree TNC(M) to 90 degree N(M), 26ft.

Serial Port 1 full duplex FS232, DB-9(F)
USB 2.0 host
Ground speed interface pulse out, range; 0.5 - >200mph, circular 4-pin
Data I/O Protocol NMEA 0183, SLX binary, NMEA 2000

Operating Temperature: -4 degrees to +140 degrees F
Storage Temperature: -40 degrees to +185 degrees F
Enclosure IP rating: IPx4

Input Voltage: 9 - 36 VC (reverse and over-voltage protected)
1 ampere at 12 VDC
Power cable designed to go directly to battery or other reliable 12-volt power (no cigarette lighter adapter included)