OUTBACK® eDriveXCTM GPS Automated Steering Control

Outback eDriveXC GPS Automated Steering Control

Outback eDriveXC
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Product Information
               Ask about our kits for newer "steer ready" tractors!

Building on the proven performance of the industry's best selling aftermarket hydraulic steering system, Outback eDriveXC takes automated steering to the next level with eTurns autoturn solution. When combined with Outback MAX or Outback STX, the eDriveXC system provides an accurate and affordable steering platform to meet today's precision needs. eDriveXC offers growers the centimeter-level performance needed to tackle demanding plating and nutrient placement application while providing a quick return on investment.

  • Centimeter level performance - when paired with the Rover/A321 antennas
  • Multiple drive modes - Straight, contour, and circle pivot
  • Model specific installation kits allow for quick installation
  • Features eTurns, the industry's first aftermarket autoturn solution (optional)
  • Facilitates precise steering tasks such as planting, bedding and nutrient placement
  • Reverse operation - the tractor can be auto-steered in forward and reverse
  • Proportional hydraulic control for rapid line acquisition and smooth on-line performance
  • Repeatability - satellite drift can be eliminated when paired with the  Rover/A321 antennas
  • Tilt compensation - drive with less errors on uneven terrain with tilt compensation
  • Quick single-season return on investment
  • Outback MAX and Outback STX compatible

Quick and Easy Installation
Install in 6 hours or less* - eDriveXCTM comes to you with an installation kit designed for your specific model. Kits for many different models available:
 Clear, step-by-step instructions, with pictures, accompany all the right hoses, fittings and brackets to do the job. No special training is required.
*6 hours is typical installation time, which may vary by model

Operate in 15 minutes or less
If you already are familiar with GPS systems, it won't take the whole 15 minutes. Turn the eDriveXCTM on, start down the familiar A-B guideline and let go. That's it.

Huge Payback
Add together the operating costs of the machine, labor and all inputs. Take the results times 10% to estimate the raw savings. Then add the value of improved farming, more uniform treatments, less driver skill needed and extended hours of operation. You may want eDriveXCTM on every machine you own by year end.

Outback S3 Owners
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