AG LEADER®  GPS Guidance/Mapping System Package

Ag Leader Steady Steer Package


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Ag Leader GPS 6000 Antenna Ag Leader Remote Engage Foot Pedal
Ag Leader Compass Guidance Patterns Ag Leader Compass Interface

The Ag Leader®  GPS Guidance/Mapping System Package includes:

  • Entry Level InCommand 800 8.4-inch touchscreen display
  • Steady Steer assisted steering system
  • Remote engage foot pedal
  • GPS 7000 antenna
  • All cables
  • Mounting kit


Display Features:

  • Compact design
  • 8.4-inch color touchscreen
  • Built-in manual guidance 
  • Full-screen mapping
  • Multiple language options
Steady Steer Assisted Steering Features:
  • Quick, easy Snap-n-Roll installation
  • Easily transfer between vehicles
  • Auto-calibration for simple vehicle tuning and calibration
  • Gear driven motor is superior to friction-design steering systems - eliminates slippage
  • New clutchless, brushless Mechanical Drive Unit provides higher torque for increased power and faster steering along with quiet operation
  • Internal compass provides steady heading
  •  Easy to engage/disengage from the display or included foot switch
  • Compact controller size allows ease of transfer between machines and allows more flexibility with installation
  • Custom install kits available on over 700 vehicles
Remote Engage Foot Pedal Features:
  • Easily engage or disengage steering with the Steady Steer
GPS 6000 Antenna Features:
  • WAAS corrections
  • Receiver and antenna in one
  • Capable of up to 10 HZ GPS output rate

Guidance and Steering
With integrated onscreen guidance, the InCommand 800 display supports multiple guidance patterns and displays the field ahead with multiple views

Simple Interface
  • Simple operation and setup for guidance
  • Event feature option allows operators to simply create a new event and go
  • Events track field work and maps, and are automatically named by date and time
  • Fewer button presses required

Record field boundaries, sub-boundaries, in-field obstacles, waterways or tile lines, and view maps in real time from the cab.