GALLAGHER B1600 Energizer

Gallagher B1600 Energizer

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Product Information
  • Powered by 12-volt battery
  • 16 Joules of stored energy (approximately)
  • For remote areas with charging facilities, powers up to 40 miles of multi-wire permanent fence
  • Switch to select high, medium and low power settings
  • Full and reduced output terminals can be operated at once on different fences independently
  • Complies to RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) standards and has built-in lightning protection circuitry
  • Red indicator light flashes with each pulse over 3kV and will indicate fence condition (if the fence is overloaded, the indicator will either flash intermittently or not at all)
  • Green indicator light will remain on when the energizer is working satisfactorily (when the battery needs recharging it flashes red and the pulse interval is extended to conserve battery)
  • Battery consumption: 1,200 milliamps on high power mode and 300 milliamps on maximum save mode
  • Uses 12-volt deep cycle rechargeable, marine-type battery
  • Two fully charged 12-volt, 100 amp batteries will operate for approximately seven days on high power/sun mode and 25 days on low power/maximum save mode
  • Battery not included
  • Solar kit option available
Gallagher Warranty
All Gallagher power fence energizers carry a 3-year warranty, including lightning damage if lightning protection is used. In addition, each carries a 30-day, money-back, customer satisfaction guarantee.