GallagherTM Electric Fence Energizers
We are proud to offer you Gallagher brand energizers for your electric fence. We happen to believe Gallagher energizers are the best in the industry. read more >

Which energizer is right for you? Selection is determined by species to be controlled and distance in miles to be fenced. A good rule of thumb is one mile of fence per joule of power. more info>
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Each Gallagher 110/220 Volt and battery energizer has:
  • performance indicator lights or digital displays
  • built-in lightning protection
  • RFI (Radio Frequency Interface) suppressed circuitry to reduce noise on radios and televisions
  • low-impedance for maximum performance - this means Gallagher energizers are specially designed with the ability to function in less than ideal conditions such as having fence line vegetation and poor quality or older insulators which may leak voltage
We also like Gallagher energizers for the following reasons:
  • Long-life - we've found Gallagher brand fencers last 2-3 times longer than other brands and are easily repaired.
  • All include a 3-year warranty. Batteries in solar units include a 1-year warranty.
  • Gallagher's unique pulse shape gives a safe, but effective shock.
  • The low-impedance design can handle a variety of fence line vegetation.
  • Simple to use and safe for operators.
  • All-weather cases allow for mounting outdoors and can withstand harsh elements (except flood).